Your Personal Guide To Color This Summer

Usually I get Pinspired (Pinterest inspired), but this time I needed to step out of my comfort zone and do something different. I needed inspiration for things trending in the event world this summer, so I took a look at the WeddingWire Summer Book 2015 and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of great ideas I found. As we all know, colors that are in style are constantly changing with the season. This summer’s colors all fruit inspired (how fun, right?). Here is your personal guide to color for summer 2015.

Honeydew adds a fun twist on the popular mint green that so many people adore

honeydew Honeydew-List

Papaya is bold and can look great with patterns or harmonious color swatches

6a00d83451c50869e201539192016a970b-pi locked_papaya2

Lemon adds a whole bunch of happiness to any event

1pantone-colours-2013_lemon-zest-e1347655147295 lemon-zest

Watermelon is a summer favorite and a fantastic alternative to coral


As you can see, going bold seems to be trending. Choosing your colors are crucial to your event. You don’t want to look back at pictures and regret your color choice(s). Color and lighting are what makes the ascetic appeal of an event whether you want to admit it or not. I know I am guilty of walking into a room and having my mood change because of the colors and lighting.

Whether you are using complimentary, analogous, harmonious, or whatever other combination of colors, choose them wisely and use them to compliment one another. You are setting up the atmosphere for your guests, and for weddings, it should (hopefully) be a happy and fun environment!

Another thing to think about adding to your event are patterns…anything from marble to herringbone to sheer on linens look fabulous and may be making their way into the event industry this year as well!

Alchemy-Fine-Events-Tuscany-Wedding-Mike-Larson-Workshop49 92fc9c883f6188c9a5f54868d75b7b3c Herringbone-Pattern-Wedding-Table_setting

If you haven’t taken a look at the WeddingWire Summer Book 2015 yet, you’re missing out! I guarantee it will inspire you for your future events.

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