Do you have parking?

Yes! 1840s Plaza offers Valet Parking included in the cost of your Friday, Saturday, or Sunday event rental. For mid week rentals, you may add on valet parking for an additional fee. The 1840s Carrollton Inn has a private lot adjacent to the building that may be used for 1840s Carrollton Inn guests. Additionally, there are many options for street parking as well as parking garages within walking distance.

Can we choose our own caterer?

We have a list of approved caterers who partner with us for all events. If you would like to use a caterer that is not on our approved list, please let us know. We do occasionally allow outside caterers to work at our venue on a case by case basis. Please note that outside caterers are allowed only after management approval and must be fully licensed and have all insurance documentation in order. Clients who use an outside caterer will incur a $1,500 catering fee. Licensed and insured Kosher caterers permitted with management approval and $500 kitchen fee.

What is the latest time my event can end?

We allow events to go as late as midnight.

Do you host multiple events in the same day?

Yes. 1840s Plaza has multiple event venues with separate points of access. We can host multiple events in the same day if you do not have the Exclusive Venue Rental Package; however, we do require staggered times for the second event booked to allow for ease of logistics.

Is there a suite or room available to get ready prior to a wedding/event?

Yes, you may purchase a room or suite at the 1840s Carrollton Inn, just across the courtyard garden. The room is not included in the price of your event rental; however, we do offer a 50% discount to wedding couples who purchase an event package at 1840s Plaza with a 1 p.m. guaranteed check-in on the day of your event. There are 13 rooms and suites to choose from with overnight accommodations and a gourmet breakfast included.

What is the maximum capacity for an event?

1840s Plaza has multiple event venues, each with a different layout and guest accommodation.

  • 4th Floor-Ballroom: 230 Seated, 350 Standing
  • 2nd Floor- City Lites: 150 Seated, 250 Standing
  • 1st Floor- Cabaret: 80 Seated, 230 Standing
  • Fava Courtyard: 230 Seated, 350 Standing
  • Carrollton Inn Courtyard: 150 Seated, 250 Standing

When can we schedule a wedding rehearsal?

Wedding rehearsals may be scheduled starting 2 months prior to your event. Rehearsals are typically 1 hour long and are scheduled based on staff availability.

Is 1840s Plaza accessible to those with physical disabilities?

Yes. We have an elevator that accesses all floors in our event venue as well as ramps to move between both courtyards and to access the 1840s Carrollton Inn. Please alert venue staff if you have guests that need access to these areas so that we may guide them in the right direction

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Yes. You may provide your own alcohol; however, all alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender provided by your caterer. Alcohol may be dropped off the day of your event during set-up time.

Do you offer discounted rates?

Yes. We offer a discounted “winter rate” for events booked from January 2nd to March 31st. We offer midweek rates for Monday-Thursday as well as discounted rates for events on Fridays and Sundays. Please note that advertised specials may not apply to discounted rates.

Do you allow pets?

Authorized service animals are the only pets allowed inside the venue. If you would like your pet to be a part of your outdoor ceremony, we have a company you can contract that will take care of your pet during this time so your furbaby can be a part of the outdoor parts your special day.

What happens if I book the courtyard and it rains the day of my event?

When booking the courtyards for your event, please understand that there is a chance of inclement weather. Please let us know prior to your event set up time if you wish to move your event inside. The rain plan location for inclement weather will be the indoor level you booked on your contract unless Exclusive Venue Rental Package is purchased. 1840s is not responsible for any reimbursement due to inclement weather.

What is the policy for snow?

1840s Plaza will remain open unless Baltimore City has declared a state of emergency. If this is the case on the day of your event, we will reschedule your event upon request, to the next available date that is arranged by management.