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Do you allow pets?

Authorized service animals are the only pets allowed inside the venue. If you would like your pet to be a part of your outdoor ceremony, we have a company you can contract that will take care of your pet during this time so your furbaby can be a part of the outdoor parts your special

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What happens if I book the courtyard and it rains the day of my event?

When booking the courtyards for your event, please understand that there is a chance of inclement weather. Please let us know prior to your event set up time if you wish to move your event inside. The plan B location for inclement weather will be the indoor level you booked on your contract unless Exclusive

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What is the policy for snow?

1840s Plaza will remain open unless Baltimore City has declared a state of emergency. If this is the case on the day of your event, we will reschedule your event upon request, to the next available date that is arranged by management.

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